Shingari in the cover page of Manorama Arogyam Magazine

Clair Johny also known as Shingari Makkora is  in the cover page of Manorama “Arogyam” [Health] Magazine. To know more about Shingari and her dance school, visit:  or call Shingari @ 832-493-0709

Report by: Mannickarottu


  1. Jackie

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this girl is soooooooooooooooo FAKE. she steals dances and watches YouTube for her shit. saw this bitch at the convention last year. she is full of shit. she doesn’t know shit and she runs a dance school. she has a huge head. why do people still go learn dance from this moron. do us a favor and STOP coming to our conventions!!!!!!!!!!!!! we kananyas don’t like your ugly ass. soon people will realize what a phone you are. ROFLLLLLLLLLL  

  2. Thank you very much to all of you for your comments. I will convey your comments to Shingari, if she has not seen those already. I know here from childhood. She has extra ordinary talents and abilities in arts especially in the spectrum of dance. Same time she remains very humble and simple. Once again Thanks to all of you.

  3. Htownhottie

    Omg Go Shingg!!!

  4. rejibhaskar

    congrats, no words more

  5. Sunny

    Shingari is a melam….[Chenda]

  6. Jose P CA

    Are you married, Shingari?

  7. Miranda

    Your name so funny…..da!!

  8. Sam

    Congratulations!!! Great. Best Wishes!!

  9. Sam

    Can we see your face in the Malayalam movies too? Malayalam movie Directors, why cant you try this young beautiful talent?

  10. Alice

    Shingari, you are so beautiful and talented. Congrats!!!

  11. Jose Pinto Stephen

    Congratulations Shingari Macora……Hope you will get more recognitions from our Community….Very impressive article and Mr. Mannickarottu deserves a warm round of applause….

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