Job Pottas Into the Guinness Book Of Records


Job Pottas receiving the Guinness World Records Award

In a colourful ceremony held at the London Headquarters of the prestigious Guinness World Records, on 6th August 2010, Job Pottas, the Indane Distributor from Muvattupuzha, Kerala was enrolled in the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records. He had already found a place in the Limca Book of Records for his past achievements way back in 1992.

Job’s achievement belongs to the rarest of rare fields- reversing the spellings of English words in record time, in lightning speed.

It was on 12th March 2010 that he performed the feat with extreme ease at the Ernakulam Press Club, in the presence of Prof. G Rangarajan, Head, Post Graduate Dept. of Research and English, Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam and Thomas Mathew Parackel, freelance journalist and columnist to the New Indian Express, who asked him 50 words chosen at random, in lightning speed. Job Pottas reversed and spoke out the spellings of all the 50 words in a record time of 1 minute and 40.14 seconds.. He thus broke the existing record held by Deborah Prebble , London, U K. (2 min. and 20 seconds.)

The words asked were from medicine, law, literature, chemistry, zoology, biology et al. The distinguished audience included persons like Dr. Thomas John, psychologist, General Hospital, Ernakulam, Dr. M.C. George, former member, Kerala Public Service Commission, John Pottas, Member, Kerala Agricultural University syndicate and a host of journalists and reporters from the PTI and other news agencies.

It was on 15th August 1992, that Job Pottas was decorated in the Limca Book of Records through a performance held at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Ernakulam, where he wrote down in reverse order the entire first chapter of the Gospel according to St.John (King James Version) in a stunning time of 36 minutes and 24 seconds.

But the Guinness Book authorities have been declining to publish his feat in the Book on the ground that there were no other contestants in this field in the whole world. Since then, Pottas has been striving relentlessly through the internet and media to make his art popular in other parts of the world. He wanted to make himself known through the most unique of skills, which no other human has endeavoured hitherto.

Thus he has discovered or rather created a few rivals the world over, all of whom he has now defeated too. It was indeed a long struggle after which he has now found a place in the Guinness Book.

He has given a curious name to his art- “gnillepS”- the word Spelling reversed! It indeed is a rare gift of God, coupled with knowledge, memory power, intelligence and word power that makes this possible. Through voracious reading since childhood, Job has acquired an excellent vocabulary. He is so passionate about spelling that he can instantly pull out any mistake in a printed matter given to him for perusal.

The Guinness Book honours this kind of intellectual very rarely. Majority of entries in the Book are related to physical or sports items, group achievements and natural extremes etc.

Pottas is a man of simple habits and loves to lead a quiet life with his family. The joy of his achievement is entwined in the sorrow of bereavement, as Lovely, his wife, didn’t live to see Job’s glory and left for her heavenly abode in 2008. His new life partner, Neena has now guided Job to scale greater heights, fulfilling Lovely’s dream to see Job’s name embossed in the golden annals of the Guinness Book.

Job was a nominated member of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd’s Chairman’s Panel of Distributors in 2007.

Having been a businessman, Job says,”in the early days, many people had the sarcastic feeling that being a businessman, I might be uneducated, and they would not give me due respect. This was an impetus for me to show them that I am educated and knowledgeable”. Actually, Job, a post graduate in commerce, jumped into the Indane distribution business after discarding confirmed job offers from banks, insurance companies and the media. He had gone half way through the Civil Service exams in 1984, too.

He has a multitude of hobbies and interests including photography, architecture, astrology, astronomy, aksharashloka, poetry, acting, quizzing, and in fact anything except cricket and other games. He is also an accomplished singer, being an auditioned artiste with All India Radio. He also sings in ganamelas, and currently is the judge in a TV musical reality show.

Job can also speak in reverse, type in reverse, as well as sing in reverse. His next plan is to create world records in these items too.

Anith (officer, merchant navy), Adv. Geordie (PGDM student, SCMS-Cochin), Anooj (student, SN College of Engg., Kolenchery), Jaacs (student, Viswajyothi Engg. College, Vazhakulam) and Gemima (Nirmala HSS, Muvattupuzha) are his children. Geordie, Jaacs and Gemima can spell backwards like Job. Anith and Anooj were recently in the news for designing and successfully operating a unique gadget for parking cars using minimum space. Geordie has an even unique talent, which even Job doesn’t have- throw at him any word, phrase or sentence, and instantly he can give the number of alphabets in it! Like father, like son! And curiously enough, he too has no rivals in the whole world! He is already in the India Book of Records, and aims for the Guinness soon.

Job and his family live in a beautiful traditionally styled yet contemporary house designed and built by himself, without any help from an architect or an engineer, true to his unique, self making up and do- it- yourself character.

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