WebMalayalee Quiz Time: No:2 [Answers]

1) Which famous American said : ‘ One small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind’.

2) Name the Italian artist who described himself as a painter, architect, philosopher, poet, composer, sculptor, athlete, mathematician, inventor and anatomist?

3) If Rabindranath Tagore called Gandhi, Mahatma, who called Tagore, Gurudev?

4) What is SB 1070?

5) Name the first Indian athlete to have been honored with the Padma Shri?

6) Identify this controversial personality?

Send your answers to: info@webmalayalee.com on or before 27th August, 2010.


1)      Neil Armstrong (upon landing on the moon).

2)      Leonardo Da Vinci

3)      Gandhi

4)      Arizona ’s Immigration law

5)      Milkha Singh

6)      Julian Assange(Founder of Wikileaks, the controversial website)


WINNER: Arun.G.Nair  from Canada Ph:  (647)891-9451  E-mail:  arunmundackal@gmail.com . He  is the only one answered all questions Correct!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

2nd: Arun Cheriyan from Bangalore, India  E-mail: arun.cheriyan82@gmail.com . He couldn’t identify the picture; but answered all other questions correct. Congratulations!!

All the other participants made 3 or more mistakes!! [You guys think, the questions are really  tough??  ] Try Next time.


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