10 Springfield Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 1C9
Tel: 613-744-3751/ 613-744-3751
Fax: 613-744-0913


The Consulate-General Toronto, is located at 365 Bloor Street East, 7th Floor, Toronto ON M4W 3L4. The closest intersection is Sherbourne and Mt. Pleasant. The nearest subway stations are: Sherbourne and Bloor & Yonge.

As a major step towards upgrading visa services, the Consulate General of India have outsourced the collection of visa applications and their delivery to M/s VF Services – Canada (VFS). Applications for Visa, Passport and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) should now be sent to the Indian Visa & Consular Services Centres operated by VFS at the following locations.

Unit 102,
939 Eglinton Ave East,
Toronto, Ontario M4G 4E8
Unit 406,
40 Gillingham Drive,
Brampton, Ontario L6X 4X7
Suite 1830, 18th Floor,
Regus, Canwest Place,
201 Portage Ave,
Winnipeg MB R3B 3K6

325 Howe Street,
Vancouver, BC V6C 1Z7
Tel: 604-662-8811/ 604-662-8811
Fax: 604-682-2471

In consideration of the long felt need of the Community, Consulate General of India in Vancouver is pleased to announce opening of the new Indian Visa and Consular Services Centre in Vancouver and Surrey :

604-889, West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B2

Tel:778-783-0766 / 778-783-0766 ) and

Unit 100, 8140, Scott Plaza, 120th Street, Surrey, BC V3W 3N3

(Tel:778-783-0767/ 778-783-0767 )

Indian Visa and Consular services collection centre, Edmonton
Indian Visa And Consular Services Centre
Unit 207-2603, Hewes way
Edmonton NW, Alberta
T6L 6W6.
[Nearest Intersection: 23rd avenue & Hewes way]

Telephone:1-780-4655588 / 1-780-465-5588 (between 0800 hrs-1700 hrs]

Edmonton Helpline number:1-780-628-6490/ 1-780-628-6490 (between 0800 & 1900 hrs]

Indian Visa and Consular Services Centre, CALGARY
#5-145A, 4851 West-winds Drive NE
Calgary, Alberta T3J 4L4
Telephone for appointments: 403-590-0207 / 403-590-0207
Helpline number for inquiries :403-775-0536/ 403-775-0536
E-mail ID :


  1. JASS


  2. Jose

    Hi Sir,

    The telephone number for appointments is saying NOT IN USE and the help line numbers are never answered for Calgary office. Please update.

  3. Milan Desai

    Morning Sir/Madam,

    Sir my name is Milan Arvind Desai and I am a Indian National leaving in New Zealand with my mother Rekhakumari Arvindbhai Desai who is also a Indian National holding Permanent residence of New Zealand.

    Our situation is my brother Chirag Arvind Desai is a Indian National holding a permanent residence of Canada and has meet with a serious accident at work place and is terminally very ill.

    My mother has gone to Canada to get care of him and her passport his about to expire in August 2013 and we have been advised from High commission in India that she need to apply from Canada not NZ.

    We have also approached the visa office in Calgary and they of the opinion that my mother cannot be issued passport from Canada as she is on a visitor visa either she goes back to New Zealand or India to get her new passport issued.

    Sir, can you please help our family as my mother cannot leave Canada due to my brother critical condition and we are very helpless.

    Sir please please help us we beg you for you mercy.

    Kind regards,

  4. jungledaku

    yeah hi, I left some tuttee in india by accident about 20 years ago, do you know who I may retreive it? plllsssss help,.. i effin need it.


    sir , my son is studying in  manitoba ,STEINBAG . He has applied educational loan  in  state bank of mysore .mumbai.  Since  he has not signed  required  papers , the bank  asks  POWER OF  ATTORNEY  TO SIGN  ON BEHALF OF HIM  to be signed  in front of  our INDIAN consulate office  BY HIM . PL  give  some idea   where is  the office  very near to  steinbag  &tell me  what is the procedure  to do it  if u know .

  6. kaur

    I am applying for a visitor visa for my dad, he has a Canadian Passport and was here on refugee status. Can he apply for a 5 year visitor visa? He doesn’t have a Indian passport. I tried calling these people several times and even sent e-mails but they never replied!!!

  7. hasina

    hey i would like to know how can i send money to brampton about the visa application??? they said something about bank but i dont knw the account number??? to what and where shal i sned it?? plz i need it asap

  8. Daljit Bhatti

    sri, i work at Toronto Pearson and i need a police verification certificate but my PR is expired now. Can u please help me and guide me to obtain an police verification cerrificate as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  9. kuwant singh grewal

    my son was indian national .4 year back he got canadian citizen,He surrendered his indian passport and also was given surrender certificate.unfortunately he misplaced his surrender cert but has cancelled passport with him where it has been stamped showing passport cancelled and he obtained canadian nationality.He want to visit INDIA for 14 days for tourism & meet relations.Is surrender cert required to be shown at the time of visa application or not?Which other documents are required to get tourist visa.I would appreciate your reply.Thanks

    • dear  sir, I and my husband in edmonton,my husband is chef ,working here with work permit[skilled worker]now he is eligible to apply for pr ,so they asking all of our passprots my daughter dont have passport ,we plan to apply for her,she is in india with my sister,so from india they asking sworn affidate form with attestainn from canada indian embassy,we need help how to apply or how to get the formet  from canada embassy ,please guide us what to do,thank you sir.

  10. sashaka

    Respected Sir, am staying in calgary on work permit. I got married and want to bring my husband. But i need to change my name on passport as a divorced before so i want to put my husband’s name so that he will not get any difficulties. What is a proceder to change name and address of indian passport office

    Thanking you, Sashka

  11. manjit

    hello sir, my doughter’s passport was expired in march she has a indian passport,but his dad is a

    citizen in canada.i apply for citizenship but now i need a my doughters passport can apply for a renew passport .and plz tell me what is correct path thankx..

  12. Swathi

    Can I get Indian NON JUDICAL STAMP PAPERS in CALGERY ? I was sent few documents for my signatures from INDIA , but one paper has to be modified . If they are available in CALGERY it will make my job easy. Please suggest.

  13. daman

    sir, canada post have lost my passport . now i dont know what to do can you please give me full detail what to do . please its very important i am in regina . so i dont think there is any indian consulate is here i have to go to calgary or toronto .. please reply as soon ..
    thank you

  14. Dhanasekar

    Dear sir

    I got offer letter from one of the canadian company shall i proceed next with that required details as well as what kind of papers i need to add my check list . what are the steps i need to do next to reach canada – calgary

  15. vinay


    ,MTO needs a reference letter with all your details and years of experience of driving a vehicle ,else they will cosider one year experience on my original driving licence from India.Moreover thet are not accepting International Driving Permit .Can this reference letter be issued by Indian High Commission here in Canada or this will be provided by local state transport office in India.It should be on the letterhead of state transport office with proper signatures and stamp.

    Plz suggest

  16. Manvar singh pundir

    Respected sir, im applied for pcc on 10th january  in Edmonton city but im not reveived my pcc still now . And i did send request two time for return my passport but i didnt good response .So please i requested to u send my passport or pcc as soon as possibel .thanking you

  17. shailendra

      as you desired for the divorce kindly ask your lawyer for the divorce from canada as it is impossible for me to file it, in india ,and to change your status regarding your address of dehradun and the spouse’s name from your passport which should be informed to the INDIAN EMBASSY,CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION kindly do the needful from your end ASAP i’ll be in touch with the INDIAN EMBASSY,CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION regarding this .as mentioned in your FB a/c you are from jaipur rajasthan this also should be intimated to INDIAN EMBASSY,CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION asap  .( your id no.6139-9899 for permanent visa which is expirng on 22 june 2016) and SEN IMMIGRATION DID PROVIED YOU WITH A FAKE EMPLOYMENT LETTER ,you did not worked with that company which is a fraud you did and should be punished under the law of canada and wasted my time and money an enquiry should be made against you that did you really worked where  SEN IMMIGRATION PROVIED YOU WITH A FAKE EMPLOYMENT letter .

    cc to the canadin high commisson 7/8 shantipath chankyapuri new delhi 110021 for taking a strict action for the fake emploment letter which was issued to manu chauhan and kindly intimate the undersigned if manu chauhan worked with the firm.

    2.indian high commisson,brampton,
    Unit 406,
    40 Gillingham Drive,
    Brampton, Ontario L6X 4X7
    with the request to intimate the undersigned about the details

                                                         shailendra singh chauhan
                                                        c/o special judge
                                                       Narcotics department act
                                                      Dehradun Uttrakhand india 248001

  18. i preffer google maps moore than this useless site

  19. i speak from both sides. so 
    respected idiots and jounior idiots 
    i am a canadian but my family is indian why do i have to re new my passport every 5 years cant i stay in peace

  20. Lisa Hornberger

    I have been invited to speak and visit pediatric cardiac centers in Mumbai and Kochi in 2 weeks. My airline tickets were just purchased by Philips Asia. I have only now learned I need a Visa to travel. I am a US citizen living in Edmonton on a work visa. Can I apply for a Visa in the consular office today? What is needed for this?

    • Anil

      Actually this is a webpage to give a few information about the location and phone numbers and such. I don’t think the people who run this webpage has anything to do with consulate or other related activities. is the webpage you want to visit for more info. I hope you have have solved your issue by this time. If you are still searching call the Edmonton office. It would be better if you call and fix an appointment. That place is crowded. The phone numbers seem to 1-780-4655588 / 1-780-465-5588 (between 0800 hrs-1700 hrs]. However, call Toll free number 1 877 599 8071 to gate latest info.

  21. Jagga

    ^very true.. these people who work at the consulate are the biggest group of IDIOTS i have ever met. They steal money, they lie, you probably have to bribe them to get anything done. Typical Indian corruption. 

  22. Bhainchod

    Why is everyone referring to these idiots as “respected sir”. These people are biggest assholes to deal with. Now that these clowns have office job they act as if they are gods gift to Canada. Bunch of minimum wage earning losers.

  23. megha

    today i went for canadian passport . they saying that you have two names like megha & meghaben. indian passport i have meghaben & every canadian ID i have megha. so they telling me that indian embassy will not issue OCI on the name of megha. so chage your name. so what should i do

  24. megha

    today i went for canadian passport . they saying that you have two names like megha & meghaben. indian passport i have meghaben & every canadian ID i have megha. so they telling me that indian embassy will not issue OCI on the name of megha. so chage your name. so what should i do

  25. Devaraj Shyamkumar Grandhe

    Dear Sir, I am staying in Calgary and my daughter’s passport who is staying in India has expired. Please let me know how to renew my daughter’s passport when I am here and my daughter is in India. Any particular forms to be filled up and sent. Please send me the details. Regards, Devaraj

  26. gunjan

    i want to renew my indian passport so what can i do?and where i go for renewl for indian passport

  27. Iriel

    Respected sir,
    I was recently accepted into a yoga teachers training near Nasik, India. I am an Argentinean citizen and a canadian refugee, do I need a visa to travel to India for a month during April 7-May 10? What kind of paperwork do I need to do and what are the costs of acquiring a visitor’s visa?
    Thank you,

    • Angry Canadian

      You have Argentina citizenship? Are a canadian refugee? If your a refugee to Canada from India and your going back to India (even to visit) you should have your refugee status revoked and you should be deported from Canada never to return!! Then I would insist you repay Canadian people the money it cost tax payers to support and process your sorry ass… I personally wouldn’t issue you a visa for any country!!

      • Iriel, I know you mentioned you are Argentinean citizen, call the Consular and find out if you need a visa to enter India.

        Angry Canadian – you are an idiot, can you even read English? he did not say he is Indian citizen, you stupid moron, if you don’t know the answer to a question, SHUT THE F*** UP… I AM A CANADIAN, a real one, and I pay more tax than your whole generation ever paid, and I welcome the refugees who need Canada’s help… We are human, and we do things that are humane…

    • Angry Canadian are you a red neck ******* ? You should know that  if you are not a first nation then you are also immigrant to Canada from Europe.  

  28. onkar singh kang

    Respected sir,

    My name is Onkar singh kang my indian pasport is going to expire this month i want to know that what is the procieser to renew my pasport do i have to come to you or i can get any form and can send it by myself? and how long its gonna take?

  29. zala ashokbhai amarabhai

    respeted sir
    my self ashokbhai amarabhai zala

    i aply pcc for immgration but not recieve still so pl reply me about my pcc

    thank you

    ashokbhai amarabhai zala

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